Kaikenkarvaiset Oy is a Finnish importer and wholesaler of bird feeds, pet foods and accessories.
The company was established in 1986 and is a family owned enterprise. Our office is located in Tuusula, quite near to the Helsinki - Vantaa Airport. Our warehouse is located in Helsinki (Konala).

Origins of products and clientele

Our products are imported from EU countries and USA or are manufactured in co-operation companies in Finland. Our clientele consists of central trading companies, pet shops, veterinarians, and animal health care centers in Finland and wholesale companies in Europe.

Goals and targets of our company

Our goal is to deliver to our customers high-quality products at a competitive price level. Long and reliable relationships with our suppliers and manufacturers ensure fast deliveries of products and novelty items to our warehouse. Therefore we are able to serve our customers effectively and comprehensively. We also export our products.

Kaikenkarvaiset Oy wishes to develop a long term co-operation with its customers. Successful business co-operation is based on mutual trust and honesty.

Product groups

Our product selection consists mainly of pet foods for dogs, cats, rodents, and birds, as well as accessories associated with pet-care, such as bedding, hair care, toys, dog bones, and cages. Our pet food selection covers dried and canned formula from several different manufacturers.

Our largest turnover percentage comes from wild bird feeds, such as sunflower seeds, fat balls and nuts. Our second largest product group consists of special dietary products for dogs and cats, sold exclusively to veterinarians. Dried organ, meat and bone products are the third largest group.

Our product selection consists of over 1 400 items.

Kaikenkarvaiset Oy strives to expand the assortment of the pet care market in Finland through co-operation with the best suppliers in order to bring you the highest quality of products.

We like to serve you and give more information about us and our products.

Please contact us by phone +358 9 8770210 or by mail


Kaikenkarvaiset Oy

Ronnie Weiman

Managing Director